CFPB Brings Action Against ACE Cash Express for Bullying Borrowers Into Borrowing Again

The CFPB has announced an action against ACE Cash Express for pushing borrowers into cycles of debt, and using harassment and false threats of criminal prosecution to do so. ACE is one of the largest payday lenders in the U.S., marketing loans and related services both online and through 1,500 retail storefronts in 36 states and the District of Columbia. Specifically, the CFPB found that ACE was guilty of:

  • Threatening to sue or prosecute consumers who did not make payments, using legal jargon even though the company did not actually sue for non-payment of debts.
  • Threatening to charge extra fees and report consumers to credit reporting agencies, even though as a matter of corporate policy ACE debt collectors could not do either of those things.
  • Harassing consumers with collection calls in an abusive manner, and calling consumers’ employers and relatives to share details about their debts.

The harassing coercion tactics used by ACE resulted in cash-strapped consumers being bullied into cycles of debt.  A striking graphic uncovered by the CFPB in the investigation, and made public, makes clear that this was deliberate company policy.  The graphic, which was a part of ACE’s training manual, puts application for a new short term loan as the step after collection efforts on the previous loan.

ACE Debt Cycle

With its outrageous conduct (and its training manual), ACE Cash Express provides a fresh reminder of why the CFPB needs to write strong rules to end payday lending abuses.

–  Rebecca Thiess

See CFPB announcement and consent order.