Help Win More Protection for Your Retirement Savings: Have Your Portfolio Reviewed

As traditional pension plans have gone by the wayside, American workers have become increasingly responsible for their own retirement security. How much money to set aside? How to invest it?  Most people, feeling intimidated by these complicated decisions, seek help from professional financial advisers.

And their recommendations can have a profound effect on whether you enjoy a comfortable retirement or have to make significant sacrifices to your quality of life just to survive. Against that background, Americans for Financial Reform is working with the Consumer Federation of America and other organizations to ensure that workers saving for retirement get investment advice that is designed to serve their best interests.
To help make the case, we want to hear about your experiences with financial advisers. Please complete this simple online survey if any of the questions apply to you. We would also greatly appreciate it if you can forward the survey to your allies and supporters, so we have the strongest participation possible. — Marvin Silver